History of Flamgard Calidair

Flamgard was incorporated in 1981 by Mr Arnold Andrews who was the owner of Maxseal a global designer and manufacture of solenoid valves and actuators. Mr Andrews had a strong vision to design and develop industry leading ventilation Dampers to the UK Offshore Oil & Gas sector.

Flamgard and Calidair in the early 80’s were competitors in the UK Oil & Gas sector. Flamgard in the 80’s ventured further afield to the global Oil & Gas sector whilst also venturing into to alternative energy sectors such as Nuclear and Power Generation and Industrial. 

Calidair also diversified from Oil & Gas into UK nuclear and global Tunnel markets.

In 2002 Lee Bramald Flamgard became the Managing Director of Flamgard and had a passion to expand the Flamgard business. In 2007 Lee Bramald purchased Calidair and the two companies were brought together, designing and manufacturing for the global Oil & Gas, Nuclear Tunnel & Metro, Industrial and other sectors that we operate in today.

Supplying across the globe Flamgard Calidair are proud to have supplied their products to numerous worldwide projects. One flagship project Flamgard are very proud to have been involved in is the Chernobyl Safe Confinement project. Flamgard have contributed to making the world a safe place for future generations.

Halton and Flamgard Calidair join forces

Indoor air company Halton became the 100% shareholder of Flamgard Calidair in mid-January 2023 which was a continuation to the earlier 55 percent holding of the company since September 2020.

Representatives of the both companies felt that the close co-operation and fantastic synergies between the companies enable them to grow within the strategic market segments in the future and offer customers cutting edge solutions.

“The joint strategy decisions and quickly adapting to market conditions have put us in a strong position to gain a substantial order pipeline in the heavy industry segment and will be the foundation of growth in the green transition, nuclear power and underground infrastructure space where there has been great opportunities to provide Halton’s sustainable market leading solutions. We have always recognised Flamgard Calidair’s expertise in this area and the 100% acquisition took us to the next level” says Halton’s Director for Heavy Industry Shuresh Maran.

Today Flamgard Calidair is a proud member of Halton Group.

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